About the review

The Treasury appointed Keith Skeoch as chair of the independent Review Panel with responsibility to oversee and deliver two statutory reviews on the operation of ring-fencing legislation and proprietary trading.

Further Information About The Review

Review Panel

The Review Panel’s members also include John Flint, Patrick Honohan, Betsy Nelson, Preben Prebensen, and Linda Yueh.

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Call for Evidence

On 20th April, the Independent Review Panel for ring-fencing and proprietary trading launched a call for evidence. The call for evidence paper set out a series of questions for areas in which the Review Panel was keen to build on the existing evidence base.

The responses and evidence received has been helpful in contributing to the Review’s ongoing analysis and will be considered in the process of drawing conclusions. Any additional comments or thoughts from interested parties are welcomed and should be directed to feedback@rfptreview.org.uk.