5th October, 2021

RFPT Independent Review: Panel meeting on 5 October 2021

The RFPT Review Panel meeting on Tuesday 5 October was chaired by Keith Skeoch and attended by all Panel members.

As the Review Panel moves towards its conclusions, the discussions focussed on the direction and considerations for the next steps of the review. The Panel also went on to discuss potential recommendations and engagement with a number of key stakeholders in the coming weeks. The Chair thanked Panel members for their contributions, and the Secretariat for its work.

The Review Panel will next meet on 2 November 2021.

Notes to Editors

  1. The members of the RFPT Independent Review Panel are Keith Skeoch (Chair), Patrick Honohan, Betsy Nelson, Preben Prebensen, and Linda Yueh.
  2. Press enquiries should be directed to enquiries@rfptreview.org.uk.
  3. All other enquiries should be directed to feedback@rfptreview.org.uk.
  4. The RFPT Review Linkedin account is linkedin.com/company/rfpt-review.
  5. The RFPT Review twitter account is twitter.com/RFPTReview.